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Breaking Digital Barriers

Have you ever wondered what there is within digits? Well in our case you will find a team of tech experts driven by their passion for breaking the digital barriers that companies are facing. 

We are utilizing our expertise to help you discover and structure your business needs and we develop innovative and intelligent digital products that will truly transform your way of doing business

From business consulting and business analysis to Mobile Apps Development and System Integrations, we use our technical knowledge and expertise to help companies like yours with technology projects, taking care of every difficult challenge or barrier, allowing you to focus on what you do best; running your business!


Tell us a little bit about your business and your vison for your next project, and we will get back to you with some great ideas on how to turn it into a reality


The world of technology is moving in a fast-pace and its complexity can sometimes be scary. That’s why one of our goals is to work closely with our customers, sharing our knowledge and expertise with them and going the extra mile, in order to provide an experience that will not only be meaningful but also enjoyable. At the end of the day, having happy customers is our biggest reward.

Innovation cannot be achieved without quality and excellent digital products cannot be build without providing an excellent user experience. We believe that the secret ingredient of a successful digital solution or service is to turn its users into fans and make them love it. We pay a lot of attention to that, following a user-centric approach and involving users as much as we can, from the early project stages.

Having an excellent team is what makes within digits being great. We strongly believe that exceptional solutions & services can only be designed and developed by exceptional people. That’s why we treat our team as our greatest asset and we try to be loyal to them by offering the perfect working conditions, the right tools and many opportunities for personal and professional growth.

For us, getting challenged by complex projects and overcoming tech boundaries in not just our job; it is what feeds our enthusiasm and passion for discovering, designing and building digital solutions and services, that can revolutionize the way that companies work. We are very proud of our work and we are ready to face our next challenge and break some more barriers with you.


We strongly believe that the only way to improve the quality of our solutions and services is by working with the best companies out there. Building strong and loyal business partnerships are of the essence for us. We really value our business partners and we are working together to provide high-quality services and build leading-edge solutions.

You can find more about our current business partners below:

From Web Design to Web Application Development and from SEO to Digital Marketing, Lightblack delivers solutions to companies and brands across all industries. They are the team you call when you are tired of aiming low. They pay attention to all your business needs and that is why Lightblack team is so confident that they can transform the way you do business from good to excellent!

At SOFTECH we are committed to delivering excellence in specialist professional consulting and recruitment services, as well as IT Infrastructure solutions in the Information Technology arena. Our SOFTECH philosophy is based upon a desire to make a positive difference. We prefer to work with our clients to deliver outcomes that have real practical value.

Jungleworks is a complete technology stack for on-demand business. They provide a suite of revolutionizing products, such as a delivery management platform, a hyperlocal marketplace, a chat platform and many more, that can help you connect your business end to end.