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Set up your online store and start taking orders within hours

Our state of the art solution is built using leading-edge technologies and cloud applications, automating all your business processes, from taking, fulfilling and delivering the order up to rewarding loyal customers, engaging with customers and analyzing their transactional behavior 

Take Online Orders on any Device

Take orders through a fast, simplified, and easy to use web or mobile application. Customers can choose if their order should be delivered at their preferred location or if they are going to pick them up from a specific store and at a specific time. Orders can be paid either online or on delivery. Orders are tracked in real-time and users are kept aware of the progress either through the web application, the mobile application, or even through email and SMS messages. Customers can rate their experience by providing direct feedback once the order is delivered

Seamless POS Integration

Orders that were placed online will automatically appear in your POS, with no additional steps or effort. Our platform provides strong integration capabilities and can directly interact with any POS or any other mission-critical system that you might be using, therefore, minimizing your costs and making you more efficient.

Understand your Business

Transaction data, customer demographic information and customer feedback are blended all together in a powerful yet easy to use data analytics tool where useful customer insights are generated. This information will help you to understand your business, improve your service, become more efficient, increase your customer base and become more profitable.

Engage with your Customers

Use the CRM features provided by our platform to establish continuous communication and engagement with your customers. Customers can receive notifications regarding the status of their placed orders, any new products that are promoted, or any available offers. Customers can also provide feedback just after their order was delivered or picked up. Customers are encouraged to provide this feedback by offering them specific awards. Store managers and business managers can access all this information in real-time and act on it, in order to improve their service.


The Complete Toolkit for all Your Delivery Management Needs

Build your delivery management services on Tookan by Jungleworks and improve your delivery services with optimized routes & real-time tracking. As the only official Jungleworks partners in Cyprus, we can help you to set up your own delivery management platform and start using all its best in class features within hours

Manage your business operations from a centralized view

Track your on-field personnel in real-time with powerful geo-analytics tools for better workforce productivity. Stay updated by tracking orders with customized alerts and resolve issues proactively. Assign tasks, schedule, dispatch, and manage your orders by automating repetitive tasks. Analyze data and reports to improve and optimize the performance of fleets and drivers.

Provide everything a delivery agent needs to work efficiently, through a pickup & delivery mobile app

Provide your delivery agents with easy access of customer information, track tasks and allow them to travel handsfree. Give them the ability to easily navigate to multiple destinations and ensure on-time deliveries. Enable them to scan barcodes, add notes, images and collect digital signatures. Send operational alerts to your delivery agents and allow them to communicate directly with their managers, dispatchers and customers.


Tell us a little bit about your business and your vison for your next project, and we will get back to you with some great ideas on how to turn it into a reality


A loyalty solution for every company

Use our state of the art, mobile-first, solution to reward your loyal customers and to improve the way that you engage with your customers. Our solution provides the ability to reward your customers either with real money or points, based on their purchases or during specific events such as their birthdays or events. Customers can have access to their balance and other useful information through a mobile app that can be customized based on your own branding and marketing guidelines. Customers can also receive personalized push notifications on their mobile apps, driven by you, providing a unique customer engagement experience. Available in both android and iOS devices.

Truly pluggable, affordable, and easy to deploy

Using leading-edge technologies and having established exclusive synergies with multiple POS vendors, we have managed to build a loyalty solution that is truly affordable by any type of company. We provide ready-made integrations with multiple POS vendors and eCommerce platforms therefore we can quickly set up, deploy, and take each of projects live within a few days. Moreover, we provide the ability to integrate our front-end mobile app, that the customers use, with your own loyalty platform, and use it just as a channel of presenting information and engaging with your customers.


Making guest services available digitally

Get your own hospitality app and provide services to your guest more efficiently and in real-time, through our mobile-first, unique and innovative solution. Available in both android and iOS devices our mobile app can be used by your guests to access your directory of services, to check your daily activities schedule, to view useful information, news, and articles, and to get notified for new offers or information that they are interested in. Moreover, the mobile app is already integrated with a simple but feature-rich CRM system which can be used to manage your property information, to track guest complaints & inquires, to set up and publish guest feedback forms and view the results and to engage with your guest through personalized and targeted campaigns which can be delivered via email, SMS or push notifications

Understanding your business

As part of our solution, booking information, guest demographic information, and guest feedback are blended all together generating useful guest insights. This information is made available to executives, real-time, in the form of dashboards, graphs, and reports. Use this crucial guest insight to understand your business in order to improve your quality of service, increase your customer base and become more profitable.

A complete digital transformation

With ready-made integrations in place and with the ability to integrate into any third-party system, our solution can be utilized to completely transform your business into digital. Use our solution to integrate with booking platforms, such as Webhotelier, to allow your guests to directly search, book and manage their bookings through your mobile app, offering them a unique and complete user experience through a single app. Integrate our solution with your PMS to provide additional concierge features to your guest through the mobile app. Allow your guest to check-in, to order room service or request housekeeping services, to make reservations to the restaurant, spa centers or other facilities or even to view and such as check-in, room service ordering, spa/restaurants / bar reservations, or to even view their current bills and pay them directly using their mobile app