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Why (Or Why Not) You Should Build Your Mobile App Idea

Eureka! So you’ve finally come up with a killer mobile app idea. You feel confident that you will conquer the market and nothing can bring you down. But wait, are you forgetting something? Before you start investing time and money in this project, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. Let’s find them out together!

Some facts to think about

According to Business of Apps, around 80-90% of mobile apps launched in the app stores are abandoned just after a single use. This number indicates that on the one hand, there is an insatiable demand for mobile apps nowadays, but on the other hand, these apps need more than just good marketing and advertising in order to be well-established and widely accepted by the audience. Having that in mind, we should think of all the reasons why someone will be more than willing to download and use your mobile app on a regular basis.

The main reason for someone to do that is because they want to come up with a solution to a possible problem of theirs. Keep in mind that there’s no limit to the types of problems we face as humans. From entertainment and guidance to dating and simple chatting these are only a few of the problems that we seek a solution to through a mobile app. But how can you make your idea stand out from the rest?

People need to:

  1. Feel like you are giving them a cheaper solution than the rest. The less money they have to spend on solving their problems, the more likely it is that you will engage with them.
  2. Save their time. Everyone’s time is precious and limited, but if your app manages to help people achieve their objectives efficiently and quickly, then you can definitely win their hearts.
  3. Further expand their skills. When some things feel out of reach, a mobile app can make it feel possible. Let your users seize new opportunities to explore their talent in things they would never imagine.

What you mustn’t forget is that your idea would be validated even more if you conducted research. Listen to peoples’ needs, observe the latest trends, join various groups, and scour different forums to discover some modern-day problems that a large group of people is facing. This is one of the most efficient ways to get powerful insights that will potentially help you to spot and understand your target audience.

By now you should be able to know:

  • What problem you want to solve.
  • That part of your target audience will be willing to use your app.

Now, what’s left is to ask yourself “Is the problem worth solving?”. In order to get an answer to that question, you need to know if there is a market for your solution. The only way for your app to survive and thrive is through advertisements or by finding paying customers. That’s why you should be 100% certain that people will embrace your idea and support it. Remember that it’s also important to search for competition, by doing the so-called “competitor research”. This is an alternative way of validating your idea and making sure of what is going on out there. Make sure to compare your app to theirs and find out how you can stand out.

If you’re still struggling to decide whether or not you should move on to “giving life” to your idea, then…NEWSFLASH: we are here for you! Let us guide you through this journey and give answers to questions that you may not be able to answer. There’s no need to trouble your mind any further since we can do this job for you. Once you’ve finally decided to build your mobile app idea, we will also be here for you to help throughout the journey. Developing apps for brands that want to make a statement and bring change is what we do best. All that and even more here, at Withindigits.


Tell us a little bit about your business and your vison for your next project, and we will get back to you with some great ideas on how to turn it into a reality