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Why Healthcare Professionals Should Care More About Mobile Apps

This is the perfect timing to reconsider the power of mobile applications, in the healthcare industry. Doctors all over the world have realized the dynamic that is hidden within just a single app. The pressing daily routine of healthcare professionals sometimes seems to be intolerable, while all of their patients’ history can cause a chaos.  However, there’s a simple solution to all of that, which can eliminate that unnecessary stress. Let’s find out what is a healthcare application and how beneficial it can be for the doctors out there!


Starting from the basics, every doctor owns a mobile phone device and/or a tablet, in order to complete the daily life tasks much easier. With the constant evolution of the digital world, multiple applications have been developed over the years to offer to its users different tools for a more convenient life.  Among these applications, the ones which seem to gain a lot of impact, are the ones that are related to the healthcare professionals.  Those are the so called “Healthcare Applications”. Created to give access to a number of tools to all doctors, healthcare applications offer a range of benefits.


From perfect time management to better communication, this is the ideal type of  application every doctor should invest to.  Imagine being a doctor with a routine full of appointments, pressure and stress.  It sounds tough, doesn’t it? And we are pretty sure that sometimes, there’s going to be some horrible time management when it comes to handling the different medical tasks. Furthermore, due to the fact that doctors have to treat a big number of patients every day, with their long medical history,  this makes it even harder for them to keep track and remember each and every detail. But the power of a single healthcare application can handle any difficulty that was mentioned right above.


With the proper skills and an innovative mind, we got what it takes to give life to an application like this.  This is how the idea of Iatrico was born. Having the ability to save a huge amount of digital information, Iatrico is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) application, which proudly serves the daily needs of doctors, for over 14 years now.  Not only this healthcare application is cloud based, but it also serves as a Placement Management System (PMS), ready to offer its helpful tools to the medical professionals. 


Doctors have now one less problem to worry about since they can rely on the advantages Iatrico offers.  From tooth charts, made especially to serve the needs of dentists, to digital calendars, created to keep everything in great order, this is why healthcare applications are considered to be the future.  And we know how to bring the future close to you, with our talented team and our creative ideas.


Tell us a little bit about your business and your vison for your next project, and we will get back to you with some great ideas on how to turn it into a reality