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Why Mobile Apps are Important for your Business?

It is very clear to all of us that over the past few years mobile devices have evolved from being just a mean of communication into a tool that we all use throughout the day for personal reasons or to even conduct business tasks.  

As a result of this we see more and more businesses setting their mobile strategies and building their own mobile apps to engage more efficiently with their existing customers, to attract new customers and to stay ahead of competition.

There are quite a few reasons why mobile apps are important for your business and we are going to go through what we believe are the 5 more important ones through this post.

Reason #1: An easier and faster way to connect with your customers

Your customers always have their mobile devices with them. So if you are looking for a way to immediately get in touch with them then a mobile device might be the missing link.

Through a mobile device you can interact with your customers in real time, either by sending push notifications or through actions and events which are available within the app.

Bu utilizing the features that can be provided by a mobile app you can engage with your customers more efficiently, build a stronger relationship with them and cultivate customer loyalty.

Reason #2: Using new and unique ways of providing services to your customers

You can introduce new and unique ways of doing business by utilizing device features such or by automating processes through your mobile app. For example, by introducing self-service features, or by allowing customers to share their location in order to get personalized offers or by enabling your customers to scan barcodes and take photos of items that should be serviced.

Mobile apps offer limitless ways of improving your customer experience and they can really transform he way you do business.

Reason #3: Offering instant and great support

One of the most important factors for any business is customer support. Providing customer support in an efficient way keeps customers happy and can help you build a strong and reputable brand for your business.

Having a mobile app allows you to provide this kind of support directly through it, making the whole process more instant and real time. Through a mobile app you can provide the ability to your customers to submit their queries, monitor their progress and get immediate feedback or approvals when those queries are resolved. Also, if you utilize more advanced features, such as chat bots, your customers will be able to get automated responses and resolve a large number of their issues on their own

Reason #4: Finding new source of data and valuable customer insights

A mobile app can be a great source for new information and valuable customer insights. This kind of information can really improve the way that you do business as it will allow you to understand your customers behaviour, experience, and needs.

Those consumer insights might include number of daily, weekly or monthly customers, customers demographics, customer retention rate and transactional behaviour.

Moreover, you can get more targeted data, through feedback forms and questionnaires that can run directly through the mobile app and be personalized per each customer group.

Reason #5: Lowering your operation costs, increasing your sales and becoming more profitable

Mobile apps can reduce your operation cost and can make your business more profitable, in multiple ways.

First of all, communicating with your customers via mobile app notifications costs much less compared to SMS or other form of traditional advertising. Notifications are delivered instantly, and you get a lot of useful insights based on the actions that customers will take after receiving each notification.

Moreover, a mobile app can become your larger store or branch, serving a great percentage of your customers, at any time and any place, without any extra inventory or logistic costs.

Finally, a mobile app can be a new sales channel for your business allowing you to attract new customer groups, thus increasing your sales.


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