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How to benefit from System Integration

System Integration refers to the process of bringing different systems or components together, by sharing data and processes, to function smoothly without the need of performing identical or similar actions on each system.

The list of the most common systems that businesses choose to integrate may include CRM systems, ERP systems, Content Management Systems, Warehouse Management Systems, Point of Sales systems, Accounting systems and more. This depends on the type and the needs of each business.

System Integration allows to use all the systems that exist in your digital ecosystems to their full potential and to benefit from new capabilities that will be come available through the interaction of those systems.

Through this post we are going to go through the most immediate and important benefits that you can gain from integrating your systems

Benefit #1: Boost your productivity

Having to use multiple systems while running your daily business tasks can be very time consuming. Transferring data from one system to another, linking data in multiple systems or looking for information within multiple systems can be very labour intensive, might lead to crucial mistakes and often requires a lot of training.

System integration allows you to run your operations more efficiently, within a single point of entry, therefore saving time, eliminating human errors, and allowing your team to focus on what they should actually be doing: running your business.

Benefit #2: Improve your customer service

System integration enables you to have all relevant data in one place therefore making it easier for you and your employees to provide services and products to your customers in less time.

Moreover, having quick access to all this information helps in understanding your customer expectations and behaviour based on their past experiences and interactions, resulting to engage proactively and in a more informed manner with them.

Benefit #3: Lower your costs & increase your sales

Having your systems integrated can increase your sales as it will allow your customers to purchase products or services in a more efficient way.

Moreover, by including your accounting system in your system integration, your business processes and financial transactions will be tied together, and you will gain a complete and accurate view of your sales and profits.  

Benefit #4: Understand your business through real time data and reporting

System integration makes all information available through a single point of entry, in real time, and it ensures that you will have access to what you need when you need it.

Moreover, data captured through various systems are combined and are analysed, making it possible to generate and extract useful insights, improving your understanding on how well your company is performing and helping you to take the correct business decisions and actions.

Benefit #5: Increase Data Security and Integrity

Most businesses are handling sensitive customer data and are legally forced to take actions to ensure its integrity. Having data spread across different systems makes this extremely complicated.

Moreover, manually duplicating data across multiple systems can lead to serious errors, leak of information and consequently financial losses.

Integrating various systems and automating data transfers between those systems, helps minimizing all the above threads providing the maximum level of data security and integrity.


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